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Product overview

Learning innovation. Quality education.

WebLearning is a powerful, world-class Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that allows your company, tertiary institute, school or professional body to engage in meaningful online flexible delivery of courses and assessments to on-site or distance learners, while meeting their specific needs and learning styles.

www.weblearning.com.au was created for you by education and IT experts with quality educational outcomes, increased job skills and business results in mind.

No special hardware or IT knowledge requirements

With our hosted WebLearning service and general word processing knowledge, you can manage your own individual eLearning classroom quickly and easily from any internet connected computer in the world. And your people will love the cool convenience of 24/7 access!

Flexible and easy-to-use

Flexible access, flexible authoring, flexible delivery, flexible learning... top results for innovative educators and connected learners!

And why is such a leading-edge technology so affordable?

Because we believe in open standards and are not bound by expensive proprietory software.

  • You tell us where you want to go. We’ll help you plan your trip on our WebLearning ICT rocket. Free maps provided! Thinking about… accredited vocational qualifications corporate L&D...
  • With WebLearning you can enrol in, and study entire courses or single modules online. Once enrolled, you will be able to participate in a range of learning activities much as you would experience in...
  • WebLearning educators undertake key tasks including: customise their allocated central library documents according to their 'digital rights' (ie, permission set) for their personal library establish...
  • Our design team recognised that educators and trainers have busy workloads and need to be able to manage their virtual classrooms as quickly and easily as possible. Authoring tools We took care to...
  • WebLearning is your very own virtual learning environment (VLE) or cybercollege. It will be structured to suit your current and ongoing needs and may replicate your physical locales, departments or...
  • Australian Price List* - GST exclusive Option Education Business 0-500 users $7 000...