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Taking your training far?

You tell us where you want to go.
We’ll help you plan your trip on our WebLearning ICT rocket. Free maps provided!

Thinking about…

  • accredited vocational qualifications
  • corporate L&D
  • professional certification
  • distance education
  • flexible learning
  • just-in-time training

You tell us what you want to deliver.
We’ll give you the key to your rocket's own secure library for all your learning materials so you can access them 24/7. Add gift wrapping on the way. You can even hire a WebLearning instructional designer to do it for you. Your resource cupboard bare? Ask us to hand-craft a personal set to your specifications.

You tell us what sort of rocket you need for your space.
We’ll provide our latest model to accommodate all your people and arrange their quarters to suit.

You tell us who you want to steer your rocket.
Don't worry about crashing! Your team will be trained and hold a WebLearning licence before lift-off.

You tell us how long and complex your trip will be.
We’ll make sure ground control is looking after you.

You tell us what resources in your WebLearning library you want soft copied at the end of your trip.
We'll give you a full electronic set to take home and archive your site for the required legal period. However we know that once you start flying with WebLearning, you won't want to leave our world wide web!

Welcoming clients home from another successful educational mission on our WebLearning rocket, sends our support team into wild cheers.


The forecast for eLearning is brilliant.