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Your WebLearning VLE Solution is negotiated to meet your needs following a no-obligation consultation.

There are two options, with the hosted service being the most common.
However your organisation may prefer a tailored intranet solution.

1. Hosted Service

WebLearning is a secure hosted technology service with no hardware or software requirements at your end other than an internet connection and any web browser for viewing.

Optimum performance is maintained even if you are using a dial-up Internet Service Provider (ISP) and/or you have a huge number of simultaneous users.

Your hosted VLE can still be customised to reflect your look and feel. The user logon may springboard from a dedicated website.

The hosted service allows cost efficiencies in human resources as on-site technical support from your team is unnecessary.

Support hours included in your hosted contract are as follows:
1 year: 20 hours free support
2 years: 60 hours free support

2. Other Solutions

Organisations may choose to utilise WebLearning as an intranet solution that resides behind their own firewall for a number of reasons, for instance, to restrict off-site access.

We will configure your WebLearning solution to suit your organisation. WebLearning can be customised to your look and feel and accessed through your server. You can have your very own branded Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at a tiny fraction of real development cost.

For further information and a quote, please email team@weblearning.com.au or call Rose on 02 9751 1320.