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Launch a learning revolution with WebLearning!

WebLearning is a cool virtual learning environment (VLE) for students; a sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS) for educators.

Now with our world-class technology and incredible price, you can position eLearning as a key strategic initiative in your company, tertiary institute or school.

WebLearning power

Launch your ICT rocket today

Manage your own virtual classroom with ease from any internet-enabled computer anywhere, anytime.

Open your door to learners around the world, around the block, around the clock. Save precious time, resources, $.

WebLearning offers a secure, reliable, scaleable, easy-to-use 21st Century solution to the chalk and board.

And your Learners will love it, from cyberspace or their desk at your place!

W3C standards compliant - XHTML 1.0 and CSS - for presentation, WebLearning also meets WCAG Accessibility Priorities 1, 2, 3 so people with disabilities can use assistive technologies.

With no expensive hardware, software or support requirements to worry about, you can concentrate on achieving quality learning outcomes for your people.

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