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WebLearning... Learning innovation. Quality education

WebLearning supports great learning experiences. Check the benefits!

Universal access You can use WebLearning on any platform (Windows, Mac or others)
No expensive technical requirements at your endFor the WebLearning hosted service, all you need ia an internet-connected computer and any web-browser
Anywhere, anytime accessWork at your pace, at any place, whenever you like! As long as you have access to the internet, you can log onto your WebLearning Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
Safe, secure systemYour WebLearning VLE is protected by the same encryption that is used by banks and online stores for banking transactions. Your data is safe!
WebLearning 'node' flexibility Set up your VLE to suit your organisation's structure, staff and needs, eg your virtual campus can mirror your physical campuses, plants, locations, departments, faculties etc
System templates allow pedagogical flexibility Staff can express pedagogical meaning and functionality of the different data elements within the context of a 'unit of learning', for instance, you can sequence learning activities to suit
Contextualisation and personalization Staff can contextualise and personalize aspects within a learning design, so that the content and activities within a unit of learning can be adapted based on the preferences, pre-knowledge, educational needs, and situational circumstances of learners. In addition, the control over the adaptation process can be given, as desired, to either the author (instructional designer) or educator roles and is supported by a sophisticated 'lock-down' function in the editing interface
Automatic processingSpecified units of learning and assessment items may be delivered to a single user or groups of learners, educators and mentors/tutors as required. Assessments may be automatically delivered, submitted and marked (ie, multiple choice). Marked assessments may be returned to learners with individual comments and scores that are recorded in the learner's profile in the educator's class file
Reproducibility The library of learning units is abstracted in such a way that repeated execution in different settings with different persons is reliable
Reusability It is possible to identify, isolate, de-contextualize and reconstruct useful learning artefacts, and to re-use these in other contexts
Unlimited user capabilitySchools, universities, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and businesses can enrol well over 1 million simultaneous users with optimum performance levels maintained\
Internal communication systemAll roles (Administrators, Authors, Educators and Learners - single/groups) can communicate through instant messaging (just like email!)
Real-time executionRoles execute in real-time, eg you can co-author or validate a unit of learning with remote colleagues
Capability to enrol learners in single or multiple class groups Learners can be enrolled in any number of classes simultaneously with different teachers and subjects
User-friendly interfacesWebLearning is quick and easy to use; no html or other technical knowledge is required
Digital Rights Management (DRM) Set permissions throughout your VLE to suit the specific needs of your organisation and users, eg allocate roles, allow permissions for sub-site architecture; unit creation, authoring, customisation and distribution rights, class and assessment creation etc
No need to carry heavy texts or notes aroundStaff and learners can store all course materials in WebLearning for easy access and reference at any time
A comprehensive implementation/training program We include on-site training in all contracts (at no extra cost) to ensure your staff and learners hit the ground running!
Users do not require a broadband connection Superior user experience is maintained even at low internet connection speeds (with dial-up!) as equity of access, particularly for people in remote locations with limited internet service provider options, is important to us
Weblearning is built on open standardsWebLearning is affordable because we did not build it on another company's proprietary software