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WebLearning is your very own virtual learning environment (VLE) or cybercollege. It will be structured to suit your current and ongoing needs and may replicate your physical locales, departments or however you choose.

Every WebLearning installation is unique. That's why Day 1 of our Implementation Program is devoted to your elearning plans and strategic direction. We demonstrate options so you can decide.

Your WebLearning administrator facilitates the development of your site and creates new users with allocated roles. In a large organisation, generally a clerical team member would fulfill this role. In a small school or SME, a single person may undertake all three staff roles: administrator, author and educator. Central control can be maintained or each sub-site (ie, plant, faculty, subject etc) may have its own administrator.

It's an easy job but important, because the administrator is the architect of your VLE and can control access at all levels.

Build virtual campuses wherever you desire!