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For Authors

Our design team recognised that educators and trainers have busy workloads and need to be able to manage their virtual classrooms as quickly and easily as possible.

Authoring tools

We took care to ensure that the authoring tools wouldn't require too much time or effort to work. Basic word processing is an advantage. You can type into the 'Article Editor' and display, any Roman text without needing HTML. With a simple reference list of tag syntax at hand (and very easy to remember!) formatting is a cinch. Need to make a change? Just hit the edit button and retype!

    To ensure relevance when designing your learning units, you can add:

    • diagrams, flowcharts, graphs, photographs and drawings
    • active web-links
    • external email addresses
    • your own formatting and sequencing with clear navigation
    • discussion forums, blogs

Document Permissions

An organisation may have sites located across Australia and overseas where for instance, different legislative and other requirements are mandated in various jurisdictions. The author (eg, Training Manager) has the ability to 'lock-down' the entire document (manual, lesson assignment etc) so that it cannot be altered by other users across the company (like a company policy) or permission can be easily granted to 'site authors' to edit relevant sections to incorporate site-specific information (eg, Standard Operating Procedures; Regulations; organisational chart and contacts; emergency procedures; case studies; scenarios etc)

Document Comments

For copyright, version control or other purposes, the author(s) can add comments (hidden/shown) throughout the body of a document (eg, at each 'element' like line, paragraph, chapter, image, diagram etc) for reference.


Any number of remote authors may collaborate either simultaneously or over a period, on the authoring of a document (eg, examination; new curricula; module revision etc). We think you'll love this feature as much as we do!


Your WebLearning site will contain a central library to which you can add unlimited documents that may be allocated to individual trainers/teachers to use with their classes and learners as required. To ensure the integrity of an 'authored' document from the central library, users cannot alter the original but may create any number of 'derived copies' for editing within their 'permission rights'. For instance, the library may contain a Year 10 Maths course which is allocated to all the form maths teachers who can then individually 'customise' it for their particular class in 2005 as appropriate. Or, state Training Co-ordinators can copy the enterprise AQF3 OHS Learner's Guide and alter to meet their own state legislative/ regulatory and site requirements.


When creating a new document for the central library, the author can decide on the presentation template (eg, by colour, course level etc). Custom designs to suit your corporate look and feel are available by quote.

We haven't even told you yet about the document category manager (think folders in word!) but we look forward to showing you how to use this, and all the cool easy-to-use authoring features during our implementation program.