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Director - Learning Systems

Regina Dunlea

BSc (Technology), UNSW; Grad. Dip. Education, University of Wollongong

As a metallurgist, Regina was on her way to becoming a true-blue rocket scientist when she fell in love with the idea of working in education and training. At first, she inspired high school youth and TAFE students, but with her eye on the bigger picture then launched into the education system and corporate worlds to enhance learning standards, methodologies and accessibility.

The learning experiences of many hundreds of Davidson High School students, teachers and parents have been permanently enhanced through your enthusiasm and expertise. Our contact with you has provided inspirational and motivational input to our school community. You have changed the possibilities for our students so positively and effectively.
(Mark Anderson, Principal 1999)

School and university students, distance learners, plant workers and professionals... thousands have benefited from Regina's work. Today food enterprises across NSW are utilising her latest resource, an OH&S Induction Kit for new and casual workers.

I believe that Regina's leadership and personnel management skills are of the highest quality and are among the best that I have experienced. She has the ability to develop concepts, monitor their progress and successfully predict their outcomes.
(Paul Lindsay, General Manager, Enhanced Training)

Regina's impressive list of achievements includes:

  • advising governments and enterprises on National Training Framework (NTF) qualifications and pathways for workers, accreditation of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and courses, the development of resources to support training delivery, and related policy matters

  • overhauling the training of an enterprise-based RTO to meet rigorous Sydney Olympic requirements - no easy task considering she managed one of Australia’s largest traineeship programs;

  • appointment as a Commissioner of the NSW Catholic Education Commission (CECNSW)

  • shaping the strategic direction for Optus Learning incorporating education TV program development, online learning, special events and publications

  • being the darling of the ICT seminar circuit with an initiative called BLAST (Broadband Learning and School Technologies), which she created to demonstrate the capability of broadband technology to reculture the learning environment

  • high school and TAFE teaching in physics, science and mathematics

  • developing quality Trainer's and Learner's Guides and Assessment tools that received noting by the National Training Quality Council (NTQC)

One happy client described Regina as someone whose 'drive and enthusiasm are endless as is her commitment and dedication towards project management, correct functioning of teams and staff.' In English, it means she's a red-hot super hero to any business or project.

The Learning Team

Regina is supported by an expert team of talented and experienced educational consultants who focus on developing quality learning solutions for you, our valued clients.