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Director - Technical Systems

Adrian Oldham

Adrian, a leading graphic and web designer, has in recent years turned his outstanding talent for building custom software to ICT learning solutions that are world-class. A foundation member of Redlaunch and its Technical Director, Adrian shares the vision for launching eLearning to the next cyberlevel!

Since graduating from KvB College of Visual Communication in 1990 with distinction and overall best portfolio award, Adrian has amassed an impressive portfolio in the dot.com industry.

From Art Director at SB Design Studio to running his own successful Design Studio, Visual Thought Communication for 14 years, Adrian has garnered enormous expertise across the full spectrum of graphic and web design.

Sought as a consultant on external large-scale technology projects such as corporate intranet roll-outs and feasibility and project scoping for technologies like wireless travel handsets, Adrian also keenly shares his knowledge with students through lecturing.

An advocate of the Open Source community, Adrian actively encourages clients to allow development of their projects as open source whenever appropriate.

Adrian's Skills Portfolio includes:

  • Custom Website Design (eg, Australian Commonwealth Government; Australian Law Reform Commission) - redeveloping corporate websites to revitalise the clients corporate image and branding while integrating custom designs into our flagship open source content management system.

  • Database-driven Websites (eg, Audiophiles Direct) - developing custom websites on our powerful and highly extensible database driven content management engine that empowers our clients to manage, modify and expand their own web integrated business without any special skills or expensive hardware requirements.

  • Corporate Design (eg, NSW Food Industry Training Council) - creating corporate graphics for use in any application, including Internet, print, multimedia and integrating of all these technologies into a slick, functional and effective package that meets our clients business and strategic needs.

  • Internet Integration Packages (eg, LendLease - PeopleLink [Intranet] and HCF - Hospital Contribution Fund [Intranet]) - including provisioning and administration of Internet server solutions; web-based business application development; secure e-commerce gateway solutions; interactive dynamic multimedia interfaces; intranet interfaces and provisioning solutions; and streaming digital video and audio.

  • Software Solutions - designing specific solutions to support our clients business requirements. (eg, a federated subscription-based eNewsletter business solution initially aimed at the mortgage broking industry, and for a major Health Fund we designed a market-view competitor database for their call-centres enabling operators to provide up-to-date comparison of competitors products and prices with their own).

  • Multimedia (eg, AMP Roadshow) - producing a wide array of multimedia based projects from dynamic conference speaker support to sophisticated training/learning applications to installed interactive kiosks.

  • Digital Video and Audio - creating and delivering digital video and audio and broadcasting it in realtime or on-demand over the net.

Awards and Recognition

Over the years Adrian's consistent high calibre work and dedication to producing relevant, intuitive design has been recognised by way of awards and favorable publication reviews. For example, Adrian has won National Print awards, Shockwave site of the day and been reviewed in Family PC, Internet.au, NetDirectory, Computer Week and interviewed on radio and quoted in the press.

Our ICT Crew

Adrian's great crew of innovative web designers love working at the cutting-edge of educational technology in support of quality education and training. And of course they aim to make it a fun and easy experience for you, especially if you are new to eLearning!