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Use Case: Single Learner/ Class of Learners

One model of learning has an instructor initiate the learning process by identifying desired outcomes for a particular learner.

Participants: Instructor (educator), Learner (Note: WebLearning = the system)

By pre-assessing the learner's prior knowledge and understanding his/her strengths and special needs, the instructor is able to identify relevant activities and pull them together into an individualized unit of learning, which is then delivered to the learner. This use case addresses how WebLearning automates parts of this process, bringing value to both instructors and learners.

Stakeholders and Interests:
Instructor - guidance of flexibly cast outcomes-based learning experiences.
Learner (individual and/or group) - engagement in learning experiences suited to their capabilities.
Organization/WebLearning - providing an efficient infrastructure that enables the capture, tracking, and sharing of units of learning.
Preconditions: The instructor and learner are logged onto the system (WebLearning).

Trigger: The instructor identifies a desired outcome for a student.

Scenario Steps:

  • Instructor matches learner and desired outcome(s) in the system.
  • The instructor and learner may communicate through the system by instant messaging.
  • Instructor authors/customises the relevant pre-assessment.
  • System automatically delivers pre-assessment to learner at time designated by instructor.
  • Learner takes pre-assessment and submits results to system.
  • System grades pre-assessment (quiz).
  • Instructor uses learner information, pre-assessment results, and defined outcomes to evaluate the learner.
  • The Instructor may create or customise relevant Units of Learning.
  • System delivers Unit of Learning to the learner.
  • Learner completes Unit of Learning and assessment tasks, which are submitted to the system.
  • Instructor marks assessment tasks and may add comments to each answer given for the benefit of the learner.
  • System delivers marked assessment with score and any comments to the student.
  • Learner may be requested by the Instructor to retake the assessment or a post-assessment or other assessment task and submit the results to the system.
  • Learner's assessment record is kept in the system.


  • Instructor identifies new desired outcome and returns to Scenario Step 1.
  • Learner may participate simultaneously in more than one class/subject with different Instructors.