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WebLearning & the IMS Learning Design Specification

WebLearning supports the elements and structure of units of learning as outlined in the IMS Global Learning Design Specification - see extracts below.
(Reference: www.imsglobal.org/learningdesign/ldv1p0/imsld_bestv1p0.html)

"The IMS Learning Design workgroup's (LDWG) goal is to work towards establishing specifications for describing the elements and structure of any unit of learning, including:

  • resources
  • instructions for learning activities
  • templates for structured interactions
  • conceptual models (e.g., problem-based learning)
  • learning goals, objectives and outcomes
  • assessment tools and strategies

The specifications, which describe this framework, need to:

  • describe and implement different kinds of learning approaches
  • enable repeatable, effective, and efficient units of learning
  • support multiple delivery models
  • support reuse and re-purposing of units of learning or their component elements
  • support the reuse or repurposing of the framework and components of a unit of learning
  • leverage existing specifications and standards
  • be culturally inclusive and accessible (internationalization)
  • support multiple learners and multiple roles in a learning activity, reflecting learning experiences that are collaborative or group-based
  • support reporting and performance analysis

The goal is to enable many kinds of educational designs to be created, using a consistent notation, which can be implemented uniformly in multiple courses or learning programs."