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AFLAX, a trademark of Xamlon, Inc., stands for Asynchronous Flash and XML. Defined simply, AFLAX is a development methodology which combines Ajax and Flash to create more dynamic web based applications.

The AFLAX technology is available as a library, available at www.aflax.org, that enables developers to use JavaScript to fully utilize all of the features of Adobe's Flash runtime -- including graphics, networking, video, and camera support.

The AFLAX library is open source and under the MPL (Mozilla Public Licence). It was created by Paul Colton, the original creator of Adobe JRun, and the founder of Xamlon, Inc.

There are several companies offering competitive products to AFLAX such as::

  • Adobe FLEX is a "presentation-tier" from the company which produced Flash.
  • OpenLaszlo is an open-source AJAX framework that currently targets the Flash Player. It was originally developed by Laszlo Systems