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The Swicki is launched! 11/05

16 November 2005 - - Eurekster’s Swicki search service was officially launched.

With the Swicki, Eurekster has added a 'do it yourself' interface to their basic search technology to allow designated websites or blogs to be integrated directly into search results. Hence the 'community power' of the Swicki is emphasised.

What is a swicki?

A swicki is a new kind of search engine that allows anyone to create focussed searches on topics, for instance across a grouping of blogs or websites. Your community can have total control over the results and it uses the wisdom of crowds to 'train' search results.

The swicki will pull in new relevant information as it is indexed, and organize everything in a neat little customizable widget you can put on your website or blog.

It comes complete with its own buzzcloud that constantly updates to show you what are hot search terms in your community. The buzzcloud can be edited to add or remove terms, and a spam filter disallows any single IP from influencing the buzzcloud results too heavily. You can also block results from certain sites/blogs.

Our Redlaunch team is testing swicki in WebLearning by utilising related websites in a subject/topic area and a class of blogs to inform our future use. We recognise the convenience plus child safety aspects of using a swicki to improve searchs.

It is free! Check it out for yourself at http://swicki.eurekster.com