WebLearning Media Release

13 July 2005



WebLearning: Australia's first open standards eLearning platform launched today

WebLearning (www.weblearning.com.au), Australia's 1st open standards Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for education and training was launched at Sydney Olympic Park today by Redlaunch, a technology start-up.

WebLearning is a world-class, scalable virtual college for the flexible delivery of courseware and assessments to onsite and distance learners in companies, tertiary institutes and schools.

"WebLearning, a powerful web-based 21st Century alternative to the chalk and board, offers an innovative and equitable option for eLearning as our hosted service can be afforded by even the smallest school or organisation to enhance learning outcomes and accessed by the remotest learners anywhere in Australia (using dial-up in the bush!)." said Learning Systems Director, Regina Dunlea.

"WebLearning is based on open standards using non-proprietary dependencies that translates into a secure and cheaper solution. The WebLearning environment utilises W3C compliant standards and their recommended accessibility requirements." said Adrian Oldham, Technical Systems Director.

The full suite of Redlaunch innovative products and services will launch on 1 September 2005.



Regina Dunlea
Director, Learning Systems
P: 02 9751 1320
M: 0411 737 184

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